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Girl's Night. It's a Vibe.

Originally Posted:

April 2, 2022

By the time this blog post is published, I’ll be in Puerto Rico with some of my lady friends wearing bikinis, sipping sparkling rose, and lounging in our beachy Airbnb. I’m starting to pack tonight because now that I’m a mom, I realize I have to do it in 5-minute increments when I get the chance. It’s weird, too, because as much as I’m looking forward to my time away, I know I will miss my Gracie girl so much.

Last October, I spent 16 days in Greece and probably cried every day, but granted, it was my first trip away from her; this one is different. It’s a quick 4-day trip with my gal pals, a few of whom are also new mamma’s! We are just going to let loose and laugh – a lot! I need to start practicing my twerking to prepare for our late-night “PJ and wine” dance parties. It’s not currently on the actual itinerary, but I’m definitely going to be enforcing it, so I also need to prep my playlist! Haha

I’m a self-proclaimed “cool wife” because I urge my husband to go on guy’s trips. Hell, I practically plan them for him, but obviously, not without motive. In this way, I ensure my gal time, too! There’s just something about a vacation that is good for the soul. New scenery, new adventures, and then there’s the actual flight. Being above the clouds on your way to a new destination is somewhat symbolic to me; It’s like soaring beyond the worries and troubles of everyday life and landing in a fresh perspective. I love my hubby’s energy when he comes home after being away with the dudes, and hopefully, he’ll be into my energy when I get home as well! I know I’ll be a happier mamma to be around after a much-needed, fun-filled estrogen fest!

Lately, with traveling, or any seemingly “bigger” event, I like to take the time to pre-pave it—sort of like an emotional packing list. I pack a positive attitude, my intentions – what I intend to do, learn, give, receive, enjoy, and experience. I also like to ask myself, “What new and wonderful super exciting thing is awaiting me?” Then, I get out my notebook and dream of possibilities, and by dream, I mean… I go big! I write down unrealistic ideals that would appear impossible yet incredible if they were to happen! Somehow when I do this, my manifestations during my trip usually surprise and delight me in very unexpected and unimaginable ways.

So, be sure to tune into my Instagram stories (@alexashea) for my fun trip updates, and I’ll be sure to report back the wildly fantastic and hopefully outrageously fun things that happen. I mean, waking up to having overnight six-pack abs, getting upgraded to a private jet, and meeting Elon Musk wouldn’t be THAT unrealistic, would it? Haha, probably. But yes, those are going down on my dream list for this weekend. If nothing else, I at least amuse myself and have a lot of fun with my imagination.

Some things I’m looking forward to:

• Sleeping in past 6:15 am.

• Drinking mimosas and anything I want to at any time of day! Haha

• Time to journal, reflect, read, rest, and play!

• More than 5 minutes in the shower.

• Beach. Ocean. Sun.

• Twerking hahah- but really.

• Quality girl time (including sharing our “new mom stories, and bonding, etc.”)

• Laughing so hard that I have abs (even if I don’t get them overnight beforehand!)

• Lots of beautiful pictures… with friends and with the scenery.

• Attempting a “tan,” although, let’s be honest… I’ll come home with a thousand freckles! Haha.

So, in honor of my song “Girls Night,” I hope you all will schedule a little time with your chick cliques this week! There’s nothing like getting ready together, laughing together, being stupid and silly, and crying and healing together. And guys… pencil in some time for your bromance – and do whatever it is you men do together!

Follow me on IG for more daily updates @alexasheamusic and If you like the song – just click the link below to download it!

Girl’s Night. It’s a Vibe.




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