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Alexa Shea 


She just barely beat her all-time idol Michael Jackson for the title of "Youngest Singer/ Songwriter" been signed to a publishing deal. At only 8 years old, Alexa Shea Falk felt inspired to write her first critically acclaimed award winning original song – and as you'll soon find out, she didn't stop there!

If there’s one thing that stands out about Alexa, it’s her ability to make you feel like you’ve known her for years. Between her unapologetically outgoing personality and a deeply empathic nature, she can relate to everyone she meets...making her a natural- born lyricist and performer. She has such a distinctive ability to not only craft a hit song, but to powerfully deliver it, too. Armed with only a remarkable voice and a guitar, her ability to draw in and inspire her listeners is undeniable.

Alexa’s gift for music became apparent at the age of 4 when she and her younger sister, Natalee, could be heard around the house harmonizing to Disney tunes. The girls spent the next few years winning talent shows and pageants, but music quickly turned from a hobby into a potential career when Alexa wrote her first song at 8 years old – a love song titled "When I Look into Your Eyes". The track was featured on the sisters’ first country album, Two Steppin’, and later went on to earn Alexa the title of Utah's “Songwriter of the Year." Perhaps most importantly, Alexa soon caught the attention of award-winning Nashville hit songwriter/producer Jason Deere.

Deere was instantly drawn to the sister duo, and knew that creating original music at such young ages meant that there was something special about them. He and Alexa soon began co-writing, and their material evolved into a country pop album titled Girl Talk. Again, the young duo gained national recognition, performing on TV shows like Jenny Jones, performing in arenas, and opening for country acts like Chely Wright and SheDaisy.

As the girls’ musical popularity increased, Alexa's songwriting was gaining more of an international draw. In 2009, Deere submitted a catalog of original music to Brazilian pop star Wanessa Camargo. Several of Alexa’s co-written songs were selected to be on Wanessa’s album...and by time Alexa was 12, she had five platinum hits as a songwriter in Brazil – three of which hit #1.

The heightened attention and pressure for celebrity forced the girls to grow up quickly, and after six record deals fell through, the girls began to feel jaded in their young careers. As they entered their teenage years, they began to focus on enhancing every area of their craft – especially their individual musicianship. Alexa studied other instruments, which inevitably led her to explore other genres of music. The sisters almost instantly began producing edgy, youthful rock tunes, catching the attention of several of Hollywood’s heavy-hitters, including Irving Azoff. Azoff management began representing the girls, and helped them create the next project: a coed pop-rock band called Faces without Names.

Alexa spent most of her teen years with FWN, living and rehearsing in LA, recording in Sweden, and touring the east coast. The Azoff team continued to hone her songwriting craft, pairing her with A-list producers including Oliver Lieber (Rod Stewart, Ke$ha, Foreigner), Russ Desalvo (Celine Dion, Lionel Richie), Justin Grey (Mariah Carey, John Legend), Jimmy Greco (Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears), Stewart Brawley (Don Henley, Michael Jackson) and Andy Marvel (Jason Derulo, Jessica Andrews).

While FWN had some success, including being one of the top 25 groups recognized on Fox’s The Next Great American Band, pressure and disappointments from working in the music industry, along with personal struggles, led to a path of self-destruction for Alexa when she developed an eating disorder that nearly took her voice – and her life! During her time of coping and recovery, she wrote the song “Deadly Beauty”, a heartbreaking story of a young girl struggling with an eating disorder. The song later went on to become a teen anthem after it won the CosmoGirl Magazine’s songwriting competition in 2007.

“We received an overwhelming amount of mail from people saying the song had saved their life,” Alexa says. “That’s when I realized how powerful this platform was going to be, what my purpose was, and what I wanted to do with it.” The buzz surrounding the song led to Alexa being named an Ambassador for the National Eating Disorder Association in 2012. Since then, Alexa has continued to share her experiences by crafting lyrics with a positive message and performing them at NEDA events across the US, and donating their proceeds to NEDA's cause!

After graduating high school, Alexa was granted a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and attended one semester before leaving to pursue yet another record deal with FWN. When that deal fell through the cracks in the fall of 2008, Alexa decided to attend the guitar program at Utah State University, and used the time to return to her sister duo, and their roots of country music. They created FALK, a self-titled album that capitalized on their siblng harmonies and contemporary country songwriting that gave them a unique “female Eagles” sound that ultimately lured them to Nashville to pursue.

In 2014, Alexa and Natalee – still pursuing their careers as FALK – signed a TV contract with River Media Productions to begin filming "Meet the REAL Falkers". The reality show focused on the girls’ journeys through the music industry and their relationships with their two ambitious parents/managers and younger brother Luke (who became the starting QB for the Washington State Cougars and a Heisman contender). Despite being told their family was “TV gold”, three months of constant filming heightened the family’s drama to a point of no return. The show was cancelled before the season’s filming was completed, and Alexa’s life was uprooted when her parents divorced and Natalee decided to leave FALK in order to pursue a solo career.

Alexa was devastated, but turned her pain into power by channeling it into the beautiful music we know her for. After the disbanding of FALK, she started a new chapter – first by marrying the love of her life! As a happy newlywed, and with the support of her husband Ty Johns, Alexa works full-time as a National Artist Mentor, TN Barbizon Coordinator/Instructor, and songwriter for major male and female acts. Currently, she is even in the studio recording her very first solo EP at Sony with producer John Palmieri.

As part of this project and her 4th year as a NEDA ambassador, Alexa has recorded a solo version of her song “Deadly Beauty”, and has teamed up with NEDA to produce a PSA version of a music video that will debut on the Ellen Show in  2017! Most recently, it won Akademia Music Award’s "Acoustic Rock – Story Teller" category, as well as Women in Charg3's "Song of the Year". Currently, it is nominated as a contender for the Independent Music Award's this coming year! Alexa hopes that the song’s underlying message of "self-love" reaches as many people as possible – especially since "Deadly Beauty" proceeds will go to those in need for treatment through NEDA Programs.


Alexa is currently finishing up her first SOLO EP project at SONY Nashville, and It will be projected for release this spring! (Tour dates to come!)


"After all these tumultuous years, I finally know who I am as an artist, and I'm forever dedicated to my creative self. I'm a veteran of my industry, and I hope to be a trail blazer for those who are as lost as I used to be. My journey can't have been in vain. This I know in my heart... and I'm so eager to see what magical goodness is going to unfold from it all! My dreams breathe me, so I know they live."

-Alexa Shea

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