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Hey Everyone!

So I decided to let my "inner kid" come out and play... as I do each holiday season when I elaborately decorate my house with a particular "Theme" -depending on what month it is! hahah (My Husband is such a good sport! Love him!)

This month is St. Patty's Day, so bring on the green and good luck (and lucky charms! yummm!) Soon it will be Easter, but before we bust out those bunny ears- make sure you watch my silly little video blog and let me know what hair accessory I should commit to for the big St. Patty's day! Oh, and don't forget to wear green! (Or I'll find you and pinch... HARD! haha)

-Love your favorite fairy friend of the leprechauns... me! (yes, this month Im embodying a fairy... & maybe next month too... Because Fairy wings will go with my easter decor)

so,we'll see... (idea still pending! haha)

Vibe Hit, & Have an awesome day!


-Alexa Shea


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